WEBE Wellness: Bad News For Night Owls

Disappointed sad woman holding mobile phone while laying on bed at night

WEBE Wellness: Bad News For Night Owls

If you consider yourself a night owl, there’s some news that may make you want to become an early bird.

Researchers believe they’ve discovered scientific evidence that our brains are not meant to be awake after midnight.

Our internal biological clock expects sleep by that time and staying up too late triggers changes in our brains that cause us to view things more negatively.

And a negative view can lead to impulsive behavior and high-risk decisions – drinking, overeating, gambling, among others.

This doesn’t only apply to those who stay up late to go out for fun – this can affect those up late for occupational reasons, like first responders.

The study is still ongoing, so you don’t have to necessarily change habits yet – but if it’s late and you feel tired, head to bed – especially if it’s after midnight!

Image Credit: tommaso79 / iStock / Getty Images Plus