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General Manager
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Director of Sales
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Why Advertise with Radio?

  • Radio reaches everyone- 93% of consumers are reached each week. Radio is everywhere- the most accessible media, so your advertising message has the best chance to make an impact.
  • Who can imagine a day without radio? Radio is the media choice all day. It wakes us up, rides with us to and from work and keeps us entertained in the office. Your message has the best chance of capturing consumers.
  • A media mix that includes radio is more effective. Radio is the unique audio trigger to make your business stand out, to create interest, to motivate and to help you grow.
  • In Connecticut’s fragmented TV, cable and newspaper market, radio is the best media to efficiently and effectively reach the most consumers. While other media slice and dice the market, radio cuts across boarders, reaching more consumers and expanding your service area and customer base.

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