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About Allan

What is your favorite spot in Connecticut?


How long have you worked for WEBE108? What was your first job here?

Well I just started 5 months ago! So my first job is my current job as afternoon host!

What makes your station/show great?

Quite simply…WEBE108 is *the* station for Fairfield County! Literally *everyone* knows us!

Favorite band or artist of all time?

It varies, but David Bowie never fails to make the list

What is the best concert you’ve ever seen?

A random, unannounced pop up Jimmy Buffett concert in Florida

TV show or Movie that you think someone should know about?

Better Call Saul – every single person who ever watched Breaking Bad should be watching

If you didn’t do radio, what would you do?

Talking about TV shows online

A skill you wish you had but sadly don’t?

Better artistic ability and able to draw comics or cartoons

If you are on death row and you have a final meal. What is it?

A ribeye and some Kraft macaroni and cheese, with a Shamrock shake

Tell us one fun fact about yourself

I can – and do – use my feet to pick things up like a monkey does.

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