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  • Congrats Pete! Winner of the WEBE108 Bigelow Tea 5 Question Quiz!
    Pete from Shelton won $1,548 this morning by answering all five questions of the WEBE108 Bigelow Tea 5 Question Quiz correctly! Here are all the questions and correct answers. Q1: You might have had one growing up! A:  A nickname. Q2: It’s not rude if you don’t do this. A: Leave a voice message. Q3: What…Continue Reading
  • 5 Question Quiz: 8/10/21
    Question 1: You can do this with a frisbee Answer 1: Send it through the U.S. Postal Service without a box! Question 2: Christopher Walken has never done this in Wilton! Answer 2: Send an email or used a cellphone from his home. No computer or cell phone! Question 3: What do Prince and The…Continue Reading
  • 5 Question Quiz: 3/8/21
    Question 1: Who said “What’s the date?” Answer 1: Queen Elizabeth when asked how she was to celebrate her 72nd wedding anniversary. Question 2: You’ll find a super-sized burger and fries here! Answer 2: In the Taylor Swift video for “You Need to Calm Down”. She and Katy Perry are dressed as a giant burger…Continue Reading
  • 5 Question Quiz: 9/20/20
    Question 1: Where can you spot a walking moose? Answer 1: A Finnish Passport Question 2: This Stamford native paid $5,000 for this! Answer 2: A fine. Bobby Valentine, manager of the Mets at the time. Question 3: Millions of us don’t have one! Answer 3: A spare tire Question 4: Pink is on this…Continue Reading
  • 5 Question Quiz: 10/23/19
    Question 1: You can find Romeo here Answer 1: Names of six U.S. cities Question 2: A building might be damaged by this. Answer 2: A sonic boom! Question 3: You’ll find these “Uptown” Answer 3: Chucks! (Sneakers mentioned in the song “Uptown Funk”). Question 4: It’s not possible to do this while you’re asleep.…Continue Reading

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