Things to Know: October 15th

Things to Know: October 15th

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Get spooked for good cause at Grim’s Haunted House in Haddam NH Register

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Greenwich-based GXO Logistics to hire 9,000 workers for the holiday season across North America NH Register

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Win tickets to America

Win tickets to America

Listen to Jose Colon Saturday Night for Studio 108 and your chance to win a pair of tickets to America Friday, October 29 at the Palace Theater in Waterbury!

Contest Line: 800-WEBE-108

WEBE Wellness: One Of The Best Things To Eat For Weight Loss

WEBE Wellness: One Of The Best Things To Eat For Weight Loss

You know the old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But it also may be the most important meal for weight loss – if you’re eating the right breakfast. And eggs may be one of best weight loss foods of all!

They’re high in protein, which helps build muscle, and they’re low in carbs, but still satisfying, so you won’t feel the need to snack in between meals, which means you’ll consume less calories.

And speaking of calories, they’re low in that too! Two eggs and a piece of toast will give you less calories than some energy bars.

Plus, you’ll get a lot of great vitamins in each egg – including D and B12, plus iron to help keep your energy up throughout the day.

They’ll also help out balancing your blood sugar and insulin levels, and they won’t negatively affect your cholesterol.

And the best part of all? You don’t even need to only have them at breakfast – a hard-boiled egg makes a great snack, and you can prepare a bunch at a time.

When it comes to losing weight, go grab an egg!

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Things to Know: October 14th

Things to Know: October 14th

Goldfish exhibit in Norwalk dives deep into history of popular pet CT Post

Fried chicken restaurant Lovebird opens in Fairfield CT Post

Pumpkins and groceries see price hikes in CT and shortages nationwide CT Post

Amur tiger leaving Bridgeport’s Beardsley Zoo CT Post

Matt Amodio’s ‘Jeopardy!’ Run CT Post

Opponents see flaws in Chick-fil-A’s Fairfield proposal CT Post

More job openings than people on unemployment in CT, September data shows NH Register

Norwalk on Halloween: ‘We hope residents celebrate and enjoy safely’ The Hour

Police warn residents after series of burglaries in New Canaan The Hour

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WEBE Wellness: Almond Butter Vs. Peanut Butter

WEBE Wellness: Almond Butter Vs. Peanut Butter

When you want minerals, proteins, and healthy fats, any variety of nuts are some of the best snacks you’ll find – and that goes for nut butter as well.

But while there’s certainly a taste difference, is one better than the other – is almond butter better than peanut butter?

When it comes to calcium, almond butter has nearly seven times more than peanut butter, and about three times the amount of vitamin E. But for other vitamins and minerals like iron, magnesium, and potassium, you’ll find the same amount.

When it comes to fat, almond butter has about two grams more total than peanut butter.

So, while almond butter is probably the healthier overall, if you grab either, you’ll find plenty of health fats, protein, and plenty of minerals that you need.

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WEBE Wellness: Go Online To Eat Healthier

WEBE Wellness: Go Online To Eat Healthier

As the year winds down, and the holidays get nearer, you may find yourself wanting to eat healthier. And it may be as simple as just not going to the store!

A new study shows that those who bought their groceries online spent a lot less on junk food than when they shopped in person.

And it wasn’t that they were buying all that much less – just $2.50 per grocery purchase and avoiding things like candy and frozen desserts.

Shoppers online found that there were simply less opportunities for impulse purchases – there were no display towers of items that they didn’t have on their list that they were then tempted to add to their cart.

Online shopping also allows pre-saved shopping lists, and filters for healthier options, which would limit what they see. And many who shopped in person needed to bring children along who would ask for those unhealthy items.

So, if you’re looking to eat healthier, it may be as easy as going online!

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Things to Know: October 12th

Things to Know: October 12th

Mostly sunny skies expected this week in CT CT Post

Milford zoning board denies zone change for CT Post Mall site CT Post

New CT food book explores 85 restaurants in the state, from high-end to roadside CT Post

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