WEBE Wellness: Winding Down After The Work Week

WEBE Wellness: Winding Down After The Work Week

The final work week of summer is over! But if you found yourself stressed out, here’s some ways to wind down as we head into the weekend.

First, make sure you say goodbye to work – log out of your e-mail and any work apps this weekend, turn off your computer if you need to.

When you get home, change your clothes – something that you can relax in out of your work outfit – it can help your mind accept the fact that the work week is truly over.

Also, keep work talk at work – when you’re home, find something else to discuss.

Finally, plan something fun – if you’ve got something to look forward to, you’ll get into weekend mode even sooner.

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WEBE Wellness: The Best Time Of Day To Lose Weight

WEBE Wellness: The Best Time Of Day To Lose Weight

Good news for early birds! The best way to lose weight is to exercise early in the morning – between 7 and 9am.

After looking at exercise habits, a new study shows those who work out in the morning tend to have slimmer waists, and a lower BMI. Plus, they eat fewer calories overall and have healthier diets.

Maybe working out early encourages healthy habits, or because the day begins with a workout, they’re more focused on health. And those in the study who worked out early spent more time sitting behind a desk than others.

So even if your workday is sedentary, you can still be healthy – just make sure you get moving first thing!

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WEBE Wellness: Don’t Go To Bed Angry

WEBE Wellness: Don’t Go To Bed Angry

You’ve heard it before – “Never go to bed angry.”

There’s actually some scientific truth to that old adage – and it’s not just conflict issues you may have with a significant other or member of your household.

A new study shows if you can resolve issues sooner, or at least start to talk about them before you go to sleep, you’ll end up with a much less stressful day when you wake up. Stressors big and small can affect our health because stress adds up and carries over.

Some stressful situations are unavoidable, but the ability which we tie them off, end them, and resolve them will contribute to your well-being – which is key to both avoiding mental health issues, like depression or anxiety, as well as physical ones like heart disease or gastrointestinal issues.

Researchers found that age plays a role in how we deal with stress. Adults over 68 were 40% more likely than those under 45 to resolve conflicts successfully. Whether they have more practice at it or less patience for it researchers didn’t know.

So if you’ve got something weighing on your mind and have been avoiding dealing with it, get it off your chest and you’ll feel better!

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WEBE Wellness: Top Three Ways We Waste Time At Work

WEBE Wellness: Top Three Ways We Waste Time At Work

Did you get everything done at work today you needed to? Are there any timewasters that you’re guilty of?

Here are the most common work timewasters that are easily avoided:

First – don’t respond to e-mails right away. Each e-mail message is an interruption on whatever you’re working on – you must stop, respond, then start up again. Set aside blocks of time to answer and answer them all at once.

If you’ve been working from home more, getting distracted by other tasks is a big timewaster! Doing chores around the house or being tempted to turn on the TV – the best way to battle that is to set up a to-do list in the morning and choose the top three things you need to accomplish before you move on.

Finally – social media! Most people say the biggest distraction is the phone – so turn off those notifications, or better yet, put the phone in a different room so you’re not tempted to check it all the time.

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WEBE Wellness: Write It Down

WEBE Wellness: Write It Down

You ever feel like it’s getting harder than ever to remember important info – or even what you need to get at the grocery store? Just because it’s easy to put things down in the Notes app on your iPhone, if you really want to remember things – use the old tried-and-true method of writing it down on paper.

A new study shows that writing on physical paper allowed students to retain the information an hour later as opposed to other methods like taking things down on a laptop.

Researchers found that paper was more useful to our memories because each sheet of paper is physically unique – as opposed to a screen which stays the same, only what appears on it changes.

Also, those participating in the study who used paper completed tasks 25% faster than those who used digital tools.

They also tested differences between using physical pen and paper or using a tablet with a stylus and because the paper allows for uneven strokes or variations of letters, or even folds in the paper, and our brains retained the info from paper more.

So if you really want to remember what you need to grab at Stop and Shop…grab a pen!

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