WEBE Wellness: The Best Time Of Day To Weigh Yourself

WEBE Wellness: The Best Time Of Day To Weigh Yourself

Spring’s around the corner, and you might be looking to start working on that beach body. But if you want to help prevent gaining a few pounds, there’s something easy that you can do – weigh yourself every day.

A pound or two isn’t something to obsess about, but just weighing daily can really help – a study found of those who followed the same diet plan for six months, those who weighed themselves daily lost an average of 13 pounds more than those who didn’t.

It makes us more mindful about things like snacks and encourages us to exercise more.

But when should you do it? The best time of day is first thing in the morning – you’ll get more consistent results and will be less likely to forget.

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WEBE Wellness: How Long Until Exercise Becomes Routine?

WEBE Wellness: How Long Until Exercise Becomes Routine?

Exercise isn’t the most fun thing in the world, and if you’re doing it for weight-loss, it feels like a chore – but like most things, if you keep at it, eventually you’ll start to like it.

But how long will that take?

For most of us it takes a few months of regular exercise – most people say between 2 and 4 months is what it takes before it switches over to becoming a fun activity we look forward to. Staying consistent early is key, and once it switches to a routine, you’ll likely see some results at that time too!

Keeping at it daily, rather than every few days, also helps you get used to it more quickly.

How do you know once you’ve reached the point where it’s become a fun routine? There’s a few signs to look for – if you start to miss it if you don’t keep your regular schedule; when you can go for a longer amount of time or do more; and also when you’re not in pain after a workout!

So if you’re just starting a new exercise routine, stick with it, and you’ll have a new healthy habit this Summer.

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WEBE Wellness: Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With The TV On

WEBE Wellness: Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With The TV On

Some of us like sleeping with the TV on, others want it off – and it can cause problems for a couple that can’t agree on which way to go.

But a new study shows that those who prefer it off just might be in the right.

They scanned the brains of those in the study while they slept with the TV on and found that hearing unfamiliar voices, like those on TV, can trigger a micro-arousal, where you almost wake up. And if it happens too much during the night, it’ll leave you groggy.

The study found that familiar voices – like those of the people you live with, don’t have the same effect.

Scientists think that it’s the brain’s way of protecting us at night while we’re asleep – an unfamiliar sound could mean there’s a threat.

So, if you do like to fall asleep with the TV on, make sure you use the sleep timer – so you’ll be more rested.

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Join Danny Lyons at Dunkin’ Saturday

Join Danny Lyons at Dunkin’ Saturday

Join Danny Lyons for the Grand Opening of the Dunkin’ 35 Danbury Road in Wilton Saturday March 2nd from 9-11am!

It is designed in the Next Gen style with a cold beverage tap system and a full view bakery case.

The first 100 guests beginning at 9 am will receive a free beverage of their choice.

There will be a free face painter on site from 9am-11am and your chance to spin to win a prize.

Meet representatives from their charity partner Filling in the Blanks.

WEBE Wellness: The Worst Day To Take A Mental Health Day

WEBE Wellness: The Worst Day To Take A Mental Health Day

After the last two years, now more than ever, workers are taking more mental health days – it’s a sick day because you’re stressed or overworked, rather than traditionally ill.

Taking them when you need them is the best course of action…but if you can plan, Wednesdays might be the one day to avoid when taking a day off for mental health.

You might think Wednesdays are good because they split the work week right in the middle, but your stress may remain – instead of relaxing that you’ve got the day off, you’ll be thinking about how you’ve got to go back the very next day, and it won’t feel like a day off.

Plus, you may get unwanted questions when you’re back – coworkers, or the boss, may notice and ask questions.

The best course for your mental health day is taking a Monday or a Friday, and you’ll get a three-day weekend to truly relax.

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