WEBE Wellness: A Relaxing Commute

WEBE Wellness: A Relaxing Commute

Sitting in traffic is a way of life – and while that probably aggravates you, a new study shows that when traffic is moving freely, believe it or not, commuting could be good for our mental health!

During the pandemic, experts found that for many who worked from home, they missed commuting – and it has to do with something called “liminal space” – which means we get a break from both work stresses and life stresses – sitting alone gives us an opportunity to unwind.

And the longer the commute, the more time we can relax and just detach ourselves from whatever is going on in our lives.

The trick is you must avoid thinking about work or stress at home.

And for those who now work from home, you can give yourself a commute – like a 15-minute walk before and after your workday.

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St. Vincent’s SWIM Across the Sound Giving Hour

St. Vincent’s SWIM Across the Sound Giving Hour

The St. Vincent’s Medical Center Giving Hour is Friday, June 14 from 8am to 9am. All proceeds go to St. Vincent’s SWIM Across the Sound.

Join the fight and help support cancer patients by donating toward our St. Vincent’s Medical Center Giving Hour.

Donate to St. Vincent’s SWIM Across the Sound here

St. Vincent’s Swim Across The Sound is a charitable, grassroots organization run by St. Vincent’s Medical Center Foundation. The Swim provides cancer patients in the Greater Bridgeport Area with specific needs. Donations from the Radiothon help them provide assistance in areas that traditional health insurance doesn’t cover; such as the funding of wigs and prostheses, medication assistance, free transportation to treatments and appointments, day-care scholarships and support groups.

WEBE Wellness: The Body Part You Forget To Exercise

WEBE Wellness: The Body Part You Forget To Exercise

You go to the gym and you work out your arms, your legs, your back – you do lots of stretching and cardio – you’ve got your whole body covered.

Except there’s one part of your body that you use all the time that you’re probably neglecting in a workout – your feet! There are 26 bones, 30 joints, and more than 100 muscles that all get used day in and day out that never get the attention they need!

For those of us who like to run and walk, paying attention to our feet is especially necessary. The first thing is to make sure you’ve got the proper footwear. Different shoes for short or long runs, or road or trail running should all be taken into consideration.

You can even do simple foot exercises – sit in a chair with your legs bent 90 degrees and pull a towel towards the top of your foot by scrunching your toes. Or sit barefoot in a chair and pick marbles off the floor with your toes. The increase in flexibility will go far.

You can also try barefoot running – don’t do it on the pavement, but if you can make it to the beach or on grass. And also, when you do your regular exercises like squats or lunges, if you use an unstable surface, it’ll help with your feet as well as overall balance.

Lots of options to strength your feet – and the rest of your body will thank you for it!

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WEBE108 presents Totally Tubular Festival

WEBE108 presents Totally Tubular Festival

Join Allan Lamberti & WEBE Tuesday, July 16 at the Hartford HealthCare Amphitheater before WEBE108 presents Totally Tubular Festival featuring Thomas Dolby, Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey, Modern English, The Romantics, Bow Wow Wow, Tommy Tutone and the Plimsouls.

Stop by the WEBE108 Tent and enter to win lunch for a year from Duchess Restaurants. We’ll also have WEBE Freebies and your chance to win other prizes!

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WEBE Wellness: Nutrition Myths

WEBE Wellness: Nutrition Myths

You try your best to eat nutritiously…but are there some things you’re doing that aren’t helpful at all?

Health experts have put together a list of nutrition myths – and top of the list is that fresh fruit is healthier than frozen. Sometimes canned stuff has added sugar – but whether it’s frozen or dried, it has the same nutrients.

Another myth is that plant milk is healthier than from a cow. Plant milk has fewer calories and fat, but cow’s milk as twice the protein. So, one isn’t necessarily healthier than the other.

Also, some people think that being a vegetarian means it’s hard to get proper protein, but it’s easier than people think – if you eat a good mix, including nuts, grains and beans that are backed with it.

Finally, sometimes you hear that nutritional advice is always changing with new fads, but since the 1950s, it’s been constant and simple – don’t overeat, and try to eat more greens than meats overall.

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WEBE Wellness: Strength Training To Reduce Illness

WEBE Wellness: Strength Training To Reduce Illness

Working out and building muscle isn’t just for show – it could help you live a longer, and healthier, life.

A new study shows that regular muscle-strengthening can lead to a 10 to 20% lower risk of illnesses including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

And the best part is all it takes is 30 to 60 minutes per week! Beyond an hour doesn’t produce any more significant reduction of risk to disease.

But combining the strength training with cardio decreases the risk even further – nearly twice as much. And strength training doesn’t just mean using weights – it can include bodyweight exercises like push-ups and squats or using resistance bands. And beyond reducing disease risk, it can help with stamina and improve your mood.

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