Win tickets to Tears for Fears

Win tickets to Tears for Fears

Listen to WEBE 108 all this week at 12pm to win a pair of tickets to Tears for Fears with special guest Cold War Kids at Mohegan Sun Arena on Saturday, June 24.

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Tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster.

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Win tickets to Jackson Browne

Win tickets to Jackson Browne

Listen to Allan Lamberti all this week to win a pair of tickets to Jackson Browne at the Hartford HealthCare Amphitheater in Bridgeport Friday, September 1.

Contest Line: 800-WEBE-108

WEBE Wellness: Being A Weekend Warrior

WEBE Wellness: Being A Weekend Warrior

You want to exercise – but doing it daily can be such a chore. But maybe you can sit out during the week and just be a weekend warrior – a new study shows exercising only on the weekends can do as much for your health as if you did it every day!

To be considered an active adult, those between the ages of 18 and 64 should strive for 2 and half hours of moderate exercise per week – or 75 minutes of intense exercise.

You can split that up – a brisk 30 minute treadmill walk every weekday – or an intense hour and fifteen-minute run on one day.

If you’re looking to lose weight or build muscle, you’ll need to do more. But if you’re looking to maintain an active lifestyle, this is the one time when it’s okay to cram at the last minute.

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WEBE Wellness: How Feeling “Hangry” Affects You

WEBE Wellness: How Feeling “Hangry” Affects You

You’ve known it and I’ve known it, and everyone has known it – but now science has proven it. A new study shows that being “hangry” is a real thing.

The word is a combination of hungry and angry – and the study shows that not eating really does make us mad.

If we’re craving food, we’re a full 1/3 angrier, irritable, and take less pleasure in whatever we happen to be doing. But what set this study apart was it wasn’t in the lab – it was all done in the real world.

However, once you eat, you don’t immediately get happier – feeling hangry can affect your overall mood for a day, and even leave you in a rut for days afterwards.

So, if you’re feeling hangry, make sure you eat something – and avoid your coworkers for a while.

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WEBE Wellness: The Worst Day To Take A Mental Health Day

WEBE Wellness: The Worst Day To Take A Mental Health Day

After the last two years, now more than ever, workers are taking more mental health days – it’s a sick day because you’re stressed or overworked, rather than traditionally ill.

Taking them when you need them is the best course of action…but if you can plan, Wednesdays might be the one day to avoid when taking a day off for mental health.

You might think Wednesdays are good because they split the work week right in the middle, but your stress may remain – instead of relaxing that you’ve got the day off, you’ll be thinking about how you’ve got to go back the very next day, and it won’t feel like a day off.

Plus, you may get unwanted questions when you’re back – coworkers, or the boss, may notice and ask questions.

The best course for your mental health day is taking a Monday or a Friday, and you’ll get a three-day weekend to truly relax.

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WEBE Wellness: Improving Your Memory

WEBE Wellness: Improving Your Memory

Do you always feel like you’re forgetting things? Names, where you parked, why you walked in the kitchen in the first place! Well, there are some things you may be doing that is ruining your memory.

First, make sure you get enough sleep. A lack of sleep can reduce your ability to learn new things.

Multitasking can ruin our memories – if our attention is scattered, we’re more likely to forget.

A lack of exercise means a lack of blood flow to the brain, and an increase in high blood pressure and cholesterol, which also have been linked to memory loss.

Too much alcohol also can damage brain cells, and smoking cuts the oxygen to your brain, which can lead to less functions in the brain.

And finally, make sure you’re eating the right foods – those that boost your brain, like leafy vegetables, fatty fish, berries, tea, coffee, and walnuts.

Make these changes, and you’ll remember where you left your car keys!

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