WEBE Wellness: Taking A Bath Instead Of Exercising?

WEBE Wellness: Taking A Bath Instead Of Exercising?

We know exercise is good to lower our blood pressure, but the motivation to exercise can sometimes be so difficult. So, take a bath instead!

Researchers have found many of the same benefits in a hot bath as low-intensity aerobics. After a few minutes your heart rate will rise, and you’ll feel hot – it’s similar to the effects you get from walking, jogging, or cycling. The study shows similar effects between exercise and a hot bath in blood flow, blood pressure, and glucose levels.

However, after sitting in a hot bath or a sauna, you won’t find that any calories are being burn, which means you won’t find yourself losing fat or building muscle. It also won’t help boost bone density, and it won’t help with endurance, strength, or mobility. So while it mimics aerobic activity, it shouldn’t be used in place of regular exercise.

Researchers recommend hot baths after exercise – it will help reduce inflammation and help muscles recover faster.

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Alive At Five

Alive At Five

Stamford Downtown is excited to announce a spectacular line-up for the Alive At Five concert series! Alive At Five will once again be held in beautiful Mill River Park.

Tickets will be sold in advance on Afton Tickets beginning on June 6 at
10am. A limited supply of General Admission tickets are available for $40 while supplies last.

Once this discounted supply is sold out, prices will increase to $50 (ticket prices include ALL fees).

Alive At Five is a three-week concert series kicking off on July 25 at 5pm starring Sublime with
Rome, Lil’ Kim on August 1 and closes with Wyclef Jean on August 8.
Over 21 ONLY will be admitted.

July 25
Sublime with Rome

August 1
Lil’ Kim

August 8
Wyclef Jean

WEBE Wellness: What To Drink With Medication

WEBE Wellness: What To Drink With Medication

Whenever you have a pill to take, you need liquid to swallow it down with. But did you know you might be using the wrong type of drink to chase them with?

A new study found that no matter if you take pills at morning, noon, or night, to wash it down with water only. Never use coffee, juice, soda, or milk.

The study looked at the different types of drinks and the effect it has on different pills – they tested over the counter meds like Tylenol and ibuprofen.

Researchers found that anything other than water may affect how your body absorbs medication.

Coffee, juice, and soda may make pills dissolve too quickly, and your body doesn’t have as much time to absorb what’s in them so they may not work as well as they should.

Not every pill will necessarily have the same effect, but unless your doctor gives you the all-clear, stick with water.

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WEBE Wellness: Eat Dinner In This Order

WEBE Wellness: Eat Dinner In This Order

You try to eat healthy as a general rule – but there’s something you can be doing that’ll help you out even further – and it all depends on the order you eat your foods.

No matter what you do, eat starchy and sugary stuff last. There’s real science behind it – it helps if you don’t want your blood sugar to spike, especially important for those who have type-2 diabetes.

Eating starches allows your body to digest the sugar more gradually and can reduce blood sugar spikes by 75%.

The order to remember – vegetables and high fiber first, then fats and proteins next, finally carbs. Try it out for dinner tonight!

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WEBE Wellness: Wearing Antiperspirant While You Sleep?

WEBE Wellness: Wearing Antiperspirant While You Sleep?

Sweating – it’s something that we all do. But apparently, simply wearing antiperspirant isn’t enough – it’s when you apply it. And while you probably do it in the morning before you get dressed, come to find out that’s wrong!

It should be at night before bed!

Antiperspirant does just that – it prevents you from sweating. And because your body temperature drops at night while you’re sleeping, you’ll sweat less than during the day. And applying it at night gives your skin more time to absorb the active ingredient, usually aluminum.

Most are designed to work for 24 to 48 hours, so you should still be good for the next day.

And if you’re worried about showering in the morning, you still can – because you’ve absorbed it, it won’t wash off.

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