WEBE Wellness: Write It Down

WEBE Wellness: Write It Down

You ever feel like it’s getting harder than ever to remember important info – or even what you need to get at the grocery store? Just because it’s easy to put things down in the Notes app on your iPhone, if you really want to remember things – use the old tried-and-true method of writing it down on paper.

A new study shows that writing on physical paper allowed students to retain the information an hour later as opposed to other methods like taking things down on a laptop.

Researchers found that paper was more useful to our memories because each sheet of paper is physically unique – as opposed to a screen which stays the same, only what appears on it changes.

Also, those participating in the study who used paper completed tasks 25% faster than those who used digital tools.

They also tested differences between using physical pen and paper or using a tablet with a stylus and because the paper allows for uneven strokes or variations of letters, or even folds in the paper, and our brains retained the info from paper more.

So if you really want to remember what you need to grab at Stop and Shop…grab a pen!

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WEBE Wellness: Don’t Overwork Yourself

WEBE Wellness: Don’t Overwork Yourself

The weekend is finally here! Your workweek is over, and you put 40 hours in – but if you worked more than that, it could have a negative effect on your health.

Working too much increases your risk of stroke or heart attack – more than 55 hours a week increases risk by 35%.

Plus, the longer you work, you increase the risk of getting injured on the job. It would make sense to be more likely to be hurt after super long day.

Your mental health also decreases – long hours lead to higher levels of stress and depression. And, since you spend less time at home, your sleep suffers. We get more distracted, anxious, and irritable with less than 6 hours of sleep, and that will make your work suffer too.

Which ultimately means you stop being good at your job itself. Research shows between 30 and 50 hours a week is as much as we can do to be effective. Performance plateaus once we pass 50 hours. And if someone works more than 65 hours, there’s a sharp decrease in performance.

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WEBE Wellness: How Long Do You Burn Calories After A Workout?

WEBE Wellness: How Long Do You Burn Calories After A Workout?

You know the benefits of exercise – it raises metabolism, it helps burn calories – and that’s after the workout is over to. But for how long?

A new study shows it’s a bit longer than you might think – two full days!

The study looked at those who don’t regularly work out and are more sedentary – after riding a stationary bike for an hour, and two days later they were still burning 10% more calories than before when they weren’t working out.

And the calories being burned were both fat-based as well as sugar-based.

So even if you don’t normally get much exercise, just adding a little bit helps, and if you can every few days, it’ll keep your metabolism going at a higher rate!

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WEBE Wellness: The Strange Cure For Migraines?

WEBE Wellness: The Strange Cure For Migraines?

We should be suspicious of TikTok remedies – but when an expert backs it up, you start to take notice.

Someone online claims you can cure migraine headaches by soaking your feet in hot water.

They say the hotter, the better – and a doctor in Maryland who specializes in acute and chronic pain agrees. The hot water dilates the blood vessels in your feet, pulling blood toward your legs and away from your head, which means after a few minutes, the pressure should alleviate and the pain dissipates.

Commenters say they’ve tried it and it works. But even if it’s not true – if you don’t make it too hot to burn yourself, there aren’t any side effects – except maybe making the soles of your feet feel better!

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Come work with us!  We have an immediate opening for an Account Manager selling our effective marketing solutions including radio, event and digital products and services to small and regional businesses and advertising agencies to help clients grow.  Ideal candidate has strong communication, presentation and time-management skills, is outgoing and gregarious, and can sell to anyone!  You will be dedicated to building and maintaining strong client relationships and representing the Company and our digital arm, Ferocious Digital, in the marketplace.  To be successful in this role, you must be highly-motivated, have previous sales experience, be goal-oriented and demonstrate the ability to hold consultative conversations to generate and drive sales for our Connecticut cluster that include:  99.1 (WPLR), STAR 99.9 (WEZN), 95.9 The Fox (WFOX), WEBE 108, 94.3WYBC and WICC600 and our digital company, Ferocious Digital.  We offer a fun and casual culture!

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  • Goal-oriented to meet and exceed monthly, quarterly and annual sales goals.
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  • Prepares and delivers effective sales presentations.


  • Strong interpersonal, time-management and organizational skills.
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred; sales or related experience.
  • Must drive own vehicle, have and maintain a clean driver’s record with state mandated auto insurance.

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Connoisseur Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer encouraging diversity in the workplace. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to any other characteristic protected by law.