WEBE Wellness: Tips To End Snoring

WEBE Wellness: Tips To End Snoring

When it comes to snoring, if you do it, you probably don’t care. But if someone else in the same bed does, it could be a problem.

There are a few tricks you could ask them to do to help:

First – ask them to sleep on their side. Because of gravity, sleeping on your back creates a blockage when your tongue falls.

Don’t eat so close to bedtime – if your stomach is full, your diaphragm can’t expand as much.

Drinking more water – if you’re dehydrated, the mucus in your throat thickens, and makes you more likely to snore. A hot shower before bed can also help.

Finally, try some throat exercises – for instance, saying all the vowels – A-E-I-O-U – out loud for three minutes, a few times a day, can help. Probably do that one in the car.

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Congrats Martha! Winner Of The WEBE108 Bigelow Tea 5 Question Quiz!

Congrats Martha! Winner Of The WEBE108 Bigelow Tea 5 Question Quiz!

Martha from Bethany won $$588 Monday, July 1 by answering all five questions of the WEBE108 Bigelow Tea 5 Question Quiz correctly! Here are all the questions and correct answers.

Q1: As an Olympic Host City, Paris will make history doing this.

A: Including a chunk of the Eiffel Tower in their Olympic gold medal.

Q2: The lights first started to shine here in 1800s.

A: Electric Avenue.

Q3: This movie set in CT is notable because…

A: It was the first DVD sent out by Netflix. (Beetlejuice)

Q4: It takes 90 days for this to happen.

A: A drop of water to travel the distance of the Mississippi River.

Q5: What is the opposite of number 1?

A: 19 (on a dartboard).

WEBE Wellness: Home Surfaces You Should Be Cleaning (But Aren’t!)

WEBE Wellness: Home Surfaces You Should Be Cleaning (But Aren’t!)

We’re at the halfway point of the year, and have you not cleaned your home in a while? Well take stock because there’s a lot of stuff we overlook in our regular cleaning.

A new study shows that the handle of your coffee maker has more bacteria than your toilet seat!

The study did swab tests on every day usage items like bathroom faucet handles, doorknobs, TV remotes, and found traces of staphylococcus and e. coli.

The highest levels of bacteria were found on kitchen faucet. But these bacteria can be found everywhere.

Most of us when cleaning will do a good job of the things we expect to be dirty, like the sink or tub or toilet, but we ignore lots of bacteria hot spots. Among the items most of us never clean – your keys (you touch them every day!), remote controls, your computer keyboard and mouse, your phone, light switches, door handles – especially the outside of the front door, video game controllers, cupboard handles, and the stair railings.

So, add them to your chore list!

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WEBE Wellness: Staying Safe This Summer

WEBE Wellness: Staying Safe This Summer

The final weekend of June is upon us, and the Fourth of July is next week, so you’re gonna be spending a lot of time outside in the near future. But it is important to stay safe and avoid potentially dangerous things this season.

First, insect bites – use repellent, wear long clothing, since both mosquitos and ticks carry diseases.

And stay hydrated and cool whenever and wherever you can because heat-related illnesses kill more people each year than tornados, hurricanes, and floods.

Plus, wear sunscreen – sunburns are never fun and they can be deadly in the long run because of skin cancer.

And make sure you do stay safe in the water as well – more than 4,000 people drown annually.

Finally, food poisoning is more prevalent in the summer – because many people handle raw meat while grilling and they don’t always wash their hands.

So take these tips, and have a healthy, happy Summer.

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WEBE Wellness: Keeping Fit On Vacation

WEBE Wellness: Keeping Fit On Vacation

If you’re headed on a Summer vacation soon, it that doesn’t mean while you’re away you need to take a vacation from your nutrition or exercise routines! Plan, and you’ll be able to stick to your fitness goals.

Right at the beginning, instead of stopping for a fast-food lunch on the way, pack healthy snacks in advance – yogurt, crackers, popcorn, and fresh fruit will all keep for the road trip to your destination.

If you don’t want to hit the gym on vacation, try other activities – swim laps in the pool, take walks or biking tours, and use hotel stairs instead of the elevator. If possible, take someone along with you – you’ll encourage each other.

Make sure you eat breakfast – if your hotel provides one, it’ll help keep hunger at bay and you can avoid overeating later in the day. And limit alcohol – a lot of festive mixed cocktails you may be tempted to indulge in are very high in calories.

Finally – sleep in! A lack of sleep may lead to weight gain, as research shows adults who sleep less than seven hours a night are often at a greater risk.

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