WEBE Wellness: Boost Your A/C During The Heat Wave

Air Conditioner system next to a home, modern clean with bushes and brick wall

WEBE Wellness: Boost Your A/C During The Heat Wave

Yes, the heat wave is brutal. And hopefully you’ve got a working air conditioner. But is it working as well as it could be? There are a few things to be aware of.

First, don’t constantly adjust the thermostat. Set it to the temp you want and forget it – if you drop it to cool things faster, it won’t work as efficiently.

Make sure you clean the filters and coils – the filters allow the air to flow and dirty coils make it harder to cool your house.

If you’re home during the hottest parts of the day, make sure anything that creates heat like stoves, dishwashers, even overhead lights are off.

And if you absolutely need to cool down more quickly, use a fan – the breeze will help spread the conditioned air around the room.

Image Credit: CRobertson / iStock / Getty Images Plus