WEBE Wellness: Don’t Overwork Yourself

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WEBE Wellness: Don’t Overwork Yourself

The weekend is finally here! Your workweek is over, and you put 40 hours in – but if you worked more than that, it could have a negative effect on your health.

Working too much increases your risk of stroke or heart attack – more than 55 hours a week increases risk by 35%.

Plus, the longer you work, you increase the risk of getting injured on the job. It would make sense to be more likely to be hurt after super long day.

Your mental health also decreases – long hours lead to higher levels of stress and depression. And, since you spend less time at home, your sleep suffers. We get more distracted, anxious, and irritable with less than 6 hours of sleep, and that will make your work suffer too.

Which ultimately means you stop being good at your job itself. Research shows between 30 and 50 hours a week is as much as we can do to be effective. Performance plateaus once we pass 50 hours. And if someone works more than 65 hours, there’s a sharp decrease in performance.

Image Credit: Victoria Gnatiuk / iStock / Getty Images Plus