WEBE Wellness: A Relaxing Commute

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WEBE Wellness: A Relaxing Commute

Sitting in traffic is a way of life – and while that probably aggravates you, a new study shows that when traffic is moving freely, believe it or not, commuting could be good for our mental health!

During the pandemic, experts found that for many who worked from home, they missed commuting – and it has to do with something called “liminal space” – which means we get a break from both work stresses and life stresses – sitting alone gives us an opportunity to unwind.

And the longer the commute, the more time we can relax and just detach ourselves from whatever is going on in our lives.

The trick is you must avoid thinking about work or stress at home.

And for those who now work from home, you can give yourself a commute – like a 15-minute walk before and after your workday.

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