WEBE Wellness: Nutrition Myths

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WEBE Wellness: Nutrition Myths

You try your best to eat nutritiously…but are there some things you’re doing that aren’t helpful at all?

Health experts have put together a list of nutrition myths – and top of the list is that fresh fruit is healthier than frozen. Sometimes canned stuff has added sugar – but whether it’s frozen or dried, it has the same nutrients.

Another myth is that plant milk is healthier than from a cow. Plant milk has fewer calories and fat, but cow’s milk as twice the protein. So, one isn’t necessarily healthier than the other.

Also, some people think that being a vegetarian means it’s hard to get proper protein, but it’s easier than people think – if you eat a good mix, including nuts, grains and beans that are backed with it.

Finally, sometimes you hear that nutritional advice is always changing with new fads, but since the 1950s, it’s been constant and simple – don’t overeat, and try to eat more greens than meats overall.

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