WEBE Wellness: Taking A Bath Instead Of Exercising?

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WEBE Wellness: Taking A Bath Instead Of Exercising?

We know exercise is good to lower our blood pressure, but the motivation to exercise can sometimes be so difficult. So, take a bath instead!

Researchers have found many of the same benefits in a hot bath as low-intensity aerobics. After a few minutes your heart rate will rise, and you’ll feel hot – it’s similar to the effects you get from walking, jogging, or cycling. The study shows similar effects between exercise and a hot bath in blood flow, blood pressure, and glucose levels.

However, after sitting in a hot bath or a sauna, you won’t find that any calories are being burn, which means you won’t find yourself losing fat or building muscle. It also won’t help boost bone density, and it won’t help with endurance, strength, or mobility. So while it mimics aerobic activity, it shouldn’t be used in place of regular exercise.

Researchers recommend hot baths after exercise – it will help reduce inflammation and help muscles recover faster.

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