WEBE Wellness: Tricks To Stop Sweating So Much

smiling modern housewife in the modern living room in sunny hot summer day enjoying fresh air in the front of working fan.

WEBE Wellness: Tricks To Stop Sweating So Much

Now that it’s getting much warmer, do you find yourself sweating a bit more than normal?

If you find that no matter the temperature that you sweat more than you’d like, there are a few steps you can take to curb it:

First – change what you eat – spicy food make us sweat, but so does sugar, caffeine, and alcohol – it all raises body temperature and makes us sweat, especially at night.

Drink more water – it might seem counterintuitive, but it will help to regular your body temperature.

Buy products that help – there are special full body anti-perspirants and wipes you can use.

Breathable clothing is important – you want clothes made of cotton, linen, and silk; not polyester, denim or fleece.

There’s also a chance you of something more serious – a condition called hyperhidrosis – so if these tricks don’t work, ask your doctor for advice.

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