WEBE Wellness: What To Do After A Long Weekend Overeating

Depressed fat lady sitting at table full of unhealthy junk food, overeating

WEBE Wellness: What To Do After A Long Weekend Overeating

Coming off a three-day holiday weekend, you probably felt like you ate way too much – I know I had too many hot dogs – but after you overeat, what should you do? Because, you know it’s going to happen again next holiday.

Nutritionists say don’t immediately change your eating habits or fast – the best thing is to take a breath and move on with your routines. Don’t try to reset your meals or restrict yourself, and don’t stress over it.

Whether it was a big meal, a full day barbecue, or an entire weekend, it’s just a few days and after getting back to a regular, normal, and healthy routine, things will balance out.

You should listen to your body – you may find you want to eat healthier. And that can potentially lead to better habits!

Don’t immediately head into an intense workout – take it easy at first with an activity that you enjoy, like a simple hike.

And don’t beat yourself up over overindulging – thinking back to one too many hamburgers or one too many drinks – the stress isn’t good for your health either. And dwelling on it can have an adverse effect and lead to overeating again.

If at the end of a day of eating right you feel the craving coming on for something that isn’t healthy, you don’t need to deprive yourself of that either – as long as you do it in moderation!

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