WEBE Wellness: Don’t Go To Bed Angry

Sad and thoughtful woman awake while husband is sleeping in the bed

WEBE Wellness: Don’t Go To Bed Angry

You’ve heard it before – “Never go to bed angry.”

There’s actually some scientific truth to that old adage – and it’s not just conflict issues you may have with a significant other or member of your household.

A new study shows if you can resolve issues sooner, or at least start to talk about them before you go to sleep, you’ll end up with a much less stressful day when you wake up. Stressors big and small can affect our health because stress adds up and carries over.

Some stressful situations are unavoidable, but the ability which we tie them off, end them, and resolve them will contribute to your well-being – which is key to both avoiding mental health issues, like depression or anxiety, as well as physical ones like heart disease or gastrointestinal issues.

Researchers found that age plays a role in how we deal with stress. Adults over 68 were 40% more likely than those under 45 to resolve conflicts successfully. Whether they have more practice at it or less patience for it researchers didn’t know.

So if you’ve got something weighing on your mind and have been avoiding dealing with it, get it off your chest and you’ll feel better!

Image Credit: tommaso79 / iStock / Getty Images Plus