WEBE Wellness: Beat The Heat Without A/C

Black woman at home refreshing during summer haze

WEBE Wellness: Beat The Heat Without A/C

The heat is on! If you’ve been able to manage without A/C so far, or if it breaks and you must go a few days without, there’s a few tips on how to make it through the rest of the summer:

Keep windows closed and the blinds drawn – if the air is hot outside and the sun is strong, this will keep things cooler inside your home.

Also, keep doors shut – if you primarily stay in one room, or if you only have an A/C unit in one room, when you run it, keep all other doors closed so the air stays in a concentrated area.

If you run a fan, create a cross breeze to push hot air out – you can even create your own air conditioner by putting a big bowl of ice in front of a fan!

Don’t use the oven – it’ll only create more heat in the room – try microwaving or cooking outside on particularly hot days.

Image Credit: tommaso79 / iStock / Getty Images Plus