WEBE Wellness: The Strange Cure For Migraines?

Woman having hydrotherapy water footbath in spa setting

WEBE Wellness: The Strange Cure For Migraines?

We should be suspicious of TikTok remedies – but when an expert backs it up, you start to take notice.

Someone online claims you can cure migraine headaches by soaking your feet in hot water.

They say the hotter, the better – and a doctor in Maryland who specializes in acute and chronic pain agrees. The hot water dilates the blood vessels in your feet, pulling blood toward your legs and away from your head, which means after a few minutes, the pressure should alleviate and the pain dissipates.

Commenters say they’ve tried it and it works. But even if it’s not true – if you don’t make it too hot to burn yourself, there aren’t any side effects – except maybe making the soles of your feet feel better!

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