WEBE Wellness: Dealing With Back Problems

WEBE Wellness: Dealing With Back Problems

Most of us will have one back problem or another at least once in our lifetimes. Most back injuries come from strain or damage over time, but there are some tips you can follow now to avoid problems later.

Keep active and maintain a healthy diet and weight – carrying too much on your body will weigh down on your spine.

Maintain good posture – poor posture is caused by everything from stress, obesity, pregnancy, even shoes that are too tight! When sitting at your desk, keep your feet on the floor and avoid crossing your legs, and when laying down at night, make sure you lay on your back or side, not your stomach. And try to sleep on a mattress that’s not too soft to minimize any curve in your spine.

When lifting objects, life with your knees, and keep the object close to your body, and don’t twist when lifting.

And if you do have back pain, make sure you consult your doctor. But taking these steps can likely keep your back healthy for years to come!

Image Credit: Tom Merton / OJO Images