WEBE Wellness: Reverse Running

Top view of female athlete backwards running on a road

WEBE Wellness: Reverse Running

While we’ve got a nice stretch of weather upon us, if you spot someone running, it’s not unusual.

Unless, of course, you see them doing the newest health trend – running backwards!

Reverse running is a trend that’s been around for a while, but it’s starting to become more common. And there are some benefits.

It helps burn more calories – 20 to 30% more – than face forward running. And it’s even better for your knees because of the way your feet land, the pounding on your knees is lessened.

However, there’s negatives – it’s far easier to trip and fall, and you’ll look kind of foolish.

But if you can past that, it may be the next best way to keep in shape!

Image Credit: doble-d / iStock / Getty Images Plus