WEBE Wellness: Screen Apnea

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WEBE Wellness: Screen Apnea

You’re probably familiar with sleep apnea, but have you heard about screen apnea?

It’s the same – but instead of stopping breathing when you’re asleep, you do it when you stare too long at a screen.

You don’t stop breathing entirely, but your breathing rhythm alters – you may hold your breath without realizing, or even take shallower breaths.

The reason it happens is because of how our bodies react to stimuli – our nervous system responds to help us focus. It often happens when we get e-mails or texts as we prepare to check and respond.

But the constant receival of messages means we’re constantly overstimulated and puts our bodies into a chronic state of threat which makes us feel more exhausted every day.

If you do find yourself holding your breath, sigh out loud – it may help reset your breathing and take deeper breaths again.

Image Credit: fizkes / iStock / Getty Images Plus