WEBE Wellness: Is It Time To Change Your Exercise Routine?

Close up of a person jogging on a treadmill in fitness center. Warming up with some cardio training.

WEBE Wellness: Is It Time To Change Your Exercise Routine?

If you regularly work out, congratulations! It’s not the easiest thing in the world but keep at it!

However, just because you’re exercising regularly, are you getting everything out of it that you should be? There’s a chance you may need to change it up.

Some signs to look out for:

Constantly feeling sluggish. Yes, exercise should make you sore, but it should also give you energy and make you feel ready to take on the day. If your routine leaves you drained, something needs to change.

If you’ve had a recent injury, taking a few days off and then going back to your regular routine may not make sense – you may need to change up some of your routine while your body heals.

If you’ve come to dread your workouts, a change will do you good – if you normally use a treadmill, try an elliptical machine. Expand your outlook from the gym to yoga, Pilates, recreation sports – keep an open mind for new fitness activities.

While it takes consistency, and about two months to start seeing results towards your goals, if you’re not seeing those results, your workout may need a changeup.

And if you’ve mostly been doing cardio, without any resistance training, you’ll also need to change things up – cardio works the heart, but strength training helps lower body fat, makes bones stronger, improves confidence, and, yes, helps with cardio too!

Image Credit: Tina Zupancic / iStock / Getty Images Plus