WEBE Wellness: Plane Snacks To Avoid

Passenger In an airplane cabin douring flight. Hall plane with group of passengers

WEBE Wellness: Plane Snacks To Avoid

With spring break around the corner, if you’re planning to travel by air soon, make sure you don’t eat or drink any of these before you hop on the plane:

Salty food – because of the dry air on the plane, many of us get dehydrated, but adding in a snack with a lot of sodium will only make it worse.

Carbonated beverages – the change in cabin pressure can affect your GI tract, and the carbonation may simply make you feel bloated. However, if you’re feeling motion sick or nauseous, the carbonation will help.

Be careful with alcohol too – when you’re in the air, you’re more likely to feel the effects fast than when you’re on the ground.

Coffee can also dehydrate, and the caffeine may make you restless and unable to sleep during the flight.

Your best bets before you get on board – water, fruits, and lean proteins.

Image Credit: Biserka Stojanovic / iStock / Getty Images Plus