WEBE Wellness: Two Minutes Per Day To Live Longer

Man exercise by bike at the gym, make their thighs strong and healthy.

WEBE Wellness: Two Minutes Per Day To Live Longer

If you want a longer, healthier life, you should exercise. But if you say you can’t find the time, that’s simply not true.

To extend your life, all you need is just two minutes of exercise per day.

Scientists spent years tracking people on Fitbit – and the study found that people who got 15 minutes of exercise a week extended their life expectancy by nearly 20%.

And this isn’t the first study that found it to be true – there was a four second exercise study a few years ago that found people that would peddle quickly for four seconds on a stationary bike, rest, then repeat five times – and do that 8 times per day would live longer – that added up to just 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

More exercise is certainly better than less, but at least even a little goes a long way.

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