WEBE Wellness: When To Drink Tea For Better Health

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WEBE Wellness: When To Drink Tea For Better Health

Many of us start the day with coffee or take a coffee break during the day, but coffee isn’t for everyone. Plenty of people like to drink tea instead.

But what time you drink tea is important – and no, I’m not talking about traditional English teatime or even late at night if you’re worried about caffeine keeping you up at night. The time of day you drink tea is important as it can interrupt your body’s ability to absorb certain minerals.

A new study found this issue in older adults who drank strong tea while eating a meal. The body’s ability to absorb zinc and iron were greatly affected.

Zinc and iron are especially important for our bodies – zinc supports immunity and helps the body heal, and iron helps with immunity as well as energy production and carrying oxygen through the body.

So, to get the maximum nutritional benefits, make sure you take your tea between meals.

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