WEBE Wellness: How Long Until Exercise Becomes Routine?

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WEBE Wellness: How Long Until Exercise Becomes Routine?

Exercise isn’t the most fun thing in the world, and if you’re doing it for weight-loss, it feels like a chore – but like most things, if you keep at it, eventually you’ll start to like it.

But how long will that take?

For most of us it takes a few months of regular exercise – most people say between 2 and 4 months is what it takes before it switches over to becoming a fun activity we look forward to. Staying consistent early is key, and once it switches to a routine, you’ll likely see some results at that time too!

Keeping at it daily, rather than every few days, also helps you get used to it more quickly.

How do you know once you’ve reached the point where it’s become a fun routine? There’s a few signs to look for – if you start to miss it if you don’t keep your regular schedule; when you can go for a longer amount of time or do more; and also when you’re not in pain after a workout!

So if you’re just starting a new exercise routine, stick with it, and you’ll have a new healthy habit this Summer.

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