WEBE Wellness: The Worst Day To Take A Mental Health Day

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WEBE Wellness: The Worst Day To Take A Mental Health Day

After the last two years, now more than ever, workers are taking more mental health days – it’s a sick day because you’re stressed or overworked, rather than traditionally ill.

Taking them when you need them is the best course of action…but if you can plan, Wednesdays might be the one day to avoid when taking a day off for mental health.

You might think Wednesdays are good because they split the work week right in the middle, but your stress may remain – instead of relaxing that you’ve got the day off, you’ll be thinking about how you’ve got to go back the very next day, and it won’t feel like a day off.

Plus, you may get unwanted questions when you’re back – coworkers, or the boss, may notice and ask questions.

The best course for your mental health day is taking a Monday or a Friday, and you’ll get a three-day weekend to truly relax.

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