WEBE Wellness: Be A Weekend Warrior

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WEBE Wellness: Be A Weekend Warrior

If you find it too difficult to exercise during the week, just make sure you don’t relax during the weekend. If you go really hard with your workout on Saturday and Sunday, then Monday through Friday will be covered.

A new study looked at “weekend warriors” – and found that whether you spread exercise across five days or two days doesn’t matter, as long as you get in 150 minutes per week will help with fat loss and keep you in shape.

However, there is one catch – you may need to be more strenuous with your workouts than if it was during the week. A brisk walk won’t cut it – in order to create the balance, weekend workouts need to be of a higher intensity.

So, don’t stress about missing a workout today, as long as you step it up on Saturday!

Image Credit: Drazen Zigic / iStock / Getty Images Plus