WEBE Wellness: The Worst Foods In Your Freezer

Various frozen food in freezer, illuminated details.

WEBE Wellness: The Worst Foods In Your Freezer

Sometimes after a long day, you don’t want to cook, and you grab something from the freezer. While frozen foods are great in a pinch, there’s a few you may want to avoid because of how unhealthy they are.

Top of the list – TV Dinners may be fun to make, but they usually are low on veggies and high on salt – try to find something with low sodium and more vegetables.

Frozen pizzas usually have too much salt and saturated fat. Thin crust is healthier than thick, and veggies are better than meat lovers.

Frozen pot pies taste so good because they have some of the highest-calorie and fats than most

Corn dogs – hot dogs are unhealthy enough, so a battered covered one isn’t good for you either.

Keep an eye out for sweet-and-sour chicken – what makes it so sweet is all the added sugar.

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