WEBE Wellness: Taking A Mental Health Break From Work

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WEBE Wellness: Taking A Mental Health Break From Work

We’re only halfway through February, but are you already feeling burned out and feel like you need time off already? Not just for a vacation, since deciding to take time off work can be a challenge, but to do it for mental health reasons makes it all that harder.

Taking a sabbatical has been shown to reduce stress and can improve long-term performance while avoiding burnout. Take the time that you need, but make sure you have a plan. If you can show higher-ups what tasks you have coming up so they can be delegated, it’ll be easier to have them grant your request and alleviate some guilt you may have. If paid time off isn’t an option, you may need to have some savings set aside and work a budget.

And when you do return, make sure you don’t fall into traps that may be unhealthy, like eating lunch alone at your desk, and take regular breaks from your computer monitor.

Make sure you set those boundaries – and prioritize your mental health – and your work/life balance will benefit!

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