WEBE Wellness: Tips For Sleep Trouble

Girl lying in bed uses a cell phone and yawns. She is tired or insomnia or addicted to the phone

WEBE Wellness: Tips For Sleep Trouble

Have you been getting by on just 5 or 6 hours of sleep? It’s possible, as nearly a third of us aren’t getting the recommended 7+ hours we need per night.

A lack of sleep will affect your waking hours – in the short-term, a loss of attention span, poor decision-making, fatigue, and irritability are all possible; and long-term effects are increased risks of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and depression.

So how do you get more sleep?

Make sure you turn off any screens at least 30 minutes before you head to bed – the blue light disrupts your ability.

Try to keep the time going to bed and waking up the same every day (that goes for weekends too!)

Avoid caffeine later in the day as it keeps you up – and alcohol late at night may make you sleepy, but it can disrupt sleep later in the night.

And if you lie in bed for 20 minutes without falling asleep – head to another room and do something relaxing like read or listen to music until you start to feel drowsy.

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