WEBE Wellness: Pick Up The Pace!

Young fitness female runner legs ready for run on forest trail

WEBE Wellness: Pick Up The Pace!

You already know exercise is good for you – and high-intensity interval training is even better. Simply put, you do more in less time for a better workout.

But what about when it comes to walking? After all, it’s the most common form of exercise – how can you be doing more with a daily stroll?

Well, the first thing is to change it from being leisurely walk in the park and picking up the pace! Just a 7-minute brisk walk can reduce your death risk by one-third compared to a 12-minute casual walk. Another study shows that brisk, half-hour walks promote healthy blood flow to your brain and boost memory function – literally you’ll walk away smarter.

But how do you know if you’re walking fast enough to make a difference? Take note of your breathing – if it’s heavy and talking is difficult, that’s where you want to be so your walk can make a difference.

So, slip on those walking shoes, get outside, and pick up the pace!

Image Credit: lzf / iStock / Getty Images Plus