WEBE Wellness: How Much Sleep Is Perfect?

Close up sleepy teenager girl turning alarm off in the morning while lying in bed. Early wake up, not getting enough sleep, getting work concept

WEBE Wellness: How Much Sleep Is Perfect?

Think back to last night – did you get enough sleep? Did you get that magic number of hours that you need – and, really, what is that number?

Well researchers have the answer – seven hours is the perfect amount for mental health. If you’re between the ages of 38 and 73, you want no less…and no more.

The testing showed that not enough sleep as well as too much sleep will affect our memories, problem solving skills, even our ability to pay attention. As well as more symptoms of anxiety and depression – and those got worse overall if the patten of not enough, or too much sleep, continued.

Now you’ve got the weekend, and three full nights, to start getting the right amount of sleep you need so you’ll be ready for Monday.

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