WEBE Wellness: How Many Times Do You Hit The Snooze Button?

Young woman pressing snooze button on early morning digital alarm clock radio

WEBE Wellness: How Many Times Do You Hit The Snooze Button?

Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? Are you a notorious hitter of the snooze button? Well hitting it once is okay, but any more than that and your entire day will be thrown off.

A little beauty rest is okay, but a new study shows staying in bed 14 minutes after that first alarm goes off is where the struggles begin.

The reasons we routinely hit the snooze button – cold weather, partying too hard the night before, and just overall exhaustion are all common reasons.

But it’s that 14 minute mark that you want to avoid – it’s a good thing that 9 minutes is how long the snooze lasts.

And have you ever wondered why it’s 9 minutes rather than 10? That’s because when the original snooze function was developed in the 1950s, that was the only length of time they could use with the existing gear functions. With digital clocks, it can be any length of time – but we all expect it to be 9 minutes!

But once that alarm goes off a second time, that’s when it’s time to rise and shine.

The study also found that Mondays are the worst morning to get up and get moving – but I think we already knew that!

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