WEBE Wellness: The Easiest Ways To Burn Calories

Woman measuring waist with tape on grey background, closeup

WEBE Wellness: The Easiest Ways To Burn Calories

If you’ve put on a few unwanted pounds this winter, now’s the time to start thinking about getting ready for the spring and summer.

Experts have a lot of different ways you can burn calories and lose weight – but this is a list of the easiest ones to do!

First – sleep more! Sleeping keeps your hormones in check, lowering the stress hormone cortisol. If our cortisol is high, we stress eat – so keeping it low reduces urges and cuts calories.

Before you eat, take deep breaths – it calms you down and allows your body to burn, rather than store, calories.

Also – don’t skip out on your chores. There’s plenty of stuff to do inside – vacuuming for a half hour will burn 100 calories.

Finally, when you use your phone, talk instead of text – that way you can pace around and get some steps in – every minute, you’ll burn five extra calories if you do.

Image Credit: Liudmila Chernetska / iStock / Getty Images Plus