WEBE Wellness: The Bad Side Of Coffee

A hand pouring steaming coffee in to a cup on a work desk when work from home

WEBE Wellness: The Bad Side Of Coffee

In a new study of the most caffeinated states in the country, Connecticut is right in the middle at #27 – not too much, not too little – just enough.

And that’s where we want to be, because while an occasional cup of coffee is good for you – there’s antioxidants and the caffeine helps start your day, but too much can really harm us.

The coffee itself isn’t unhealthy – it’s a lot of what we add to it. For instance, loading it up with sugar – whether it’s the granules or syrups, toppings, or whips, can really add unwanted calories which will lead to inadvertent weight gain.

Just like the sugar, too much creamer can increase saturated fat intake – the bad kinds of fat. Try a lower fat milk if you need to lighten it.

Even if you have your coffee black, too much coffee also means too much acidity and for those of us prone to reflux it can really trigger it. And too much caffeine can cause other issues – insomnia, anxiety, agitation, stomach ache, nausea, headaches, irregular heartbeat, and many other side effects.

Really, the trick is moderation. The most caffeine you want in each day is about four 8 oz. cups.

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