WEBE Wellness: Eat This 3x A Day To Help Your Heart

heap of various bread on wooden background

WEBE Wellness: Eat This 3x A Day To Help Your Heart

In the U.S., one out of every four deaths are caused by heart disease. Staying active and getting exercise will help against risk for cardiovascular disease, but there are some diet tricks that can help – including eating one type of food three times a day.

Whole grains.

A new study over the last 18 years has shown that three servings of whole grains per day lowered hypertension, blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and weight gain.

The research showed how whole grains give us more vital nutrients – refined grains, as found in white bread, removes the vitamins, and leaves just starch. Plus, the fiber in whole grains makes us feel full longer, preventing overeating.

So, if you’re looking to replace refined grains for whole grains, it’s an easy substitution. One serving of whole grains can be anything from a slice of bread, a half cup of oat cereal, or a half cup of brown rice. And small changes in your diet now will make a huge difference over time.

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