WEBE Wellness: Breaking That Afternoon Slump

Business woman relaxing with her hands behind her head and sitting on a chair

WEBE Wellness: Breaking That Afternoon Slump

Earlier today, did you hit that afternoon slump at work? You’ve made it through lunch, but all of a sudden things start really dragging?

It happens to most of us right around 3pm – and usually lasts for about a half an hour.

There’s a number of causes – everything from the caffeine wore off from your morning coffee, you’re bored, you need an afternoon snack, or you’re just still tired from a general lack of sleep.

Sitting at your desk for a while and not taking breaks also contributes to it – and that’s usually the first thing we do to break the slump. Or, if you work from home, you might be able to take a nap to get recharged.

Image Credit: dangrytsku / iStock / Getty Images Plus