WEBE Wellness: Daily Health Resolutions

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WEBE Wellness: Daily Health Resolutions

We made it to 2024! Have you made – and already broken – your New Year’s resolutions?

That’s okay – you get a one day pass! But starting now, there are four easy daily resolutions you can make that will get your health immediately back on track.

First – floss your teeth every day. Hopefully you brush twice a day, but flossing is just as important. Only 1/3 of us do it daily, and without it, you miss out on nearly 40% of the food that gets trapped between your teeth.

Make sure you also stand and move every hour. Many of us have sedentary jobs, sitting at desks, and a lack of movement can lead to higher risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and early mortality. A helpful tip – set an alarm to go off every hour to take a quick break.

Express gratitude. Find things to be grateful for every day, whether you keep it in a personal journal, or you personally thank someone in your life – gratitude is an instant mood booster.

Finally, if you’ve got a pet, spend more time cuddling with them. It immediately reduces your stress and anxiety, and they’ll appreciate it too!

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