WEBE Wellness: The Art Of Slow Living

Woman in red breathing fresh air in autumn in a forest

WEBE Wellness: The Art Of Slow Living

Sometimes our lives are so busy, and we get so overwhelmed with activities and events, even beyond our normal work and home routines, that a vacation just won’t do the trick.

To avoid getting overtired and burnt out, there’s a new trend online to combat just that – it’s called “slow living.”

You’ll find it all over Instagram if you follow the hashtag The Art of Slow Living – there’s more than 3 and a half million posts already! And people are posting items on self-care, me time, and simply saying “no” to invites.

Fans of the trend say that life is better when you can appreciate things as they happen, rather than constantly keeping up with a to-do list.

This might be a benefit of the pandemic, as we all did less running around and we all cut back on events – but whether this trend is here to stay remains to be seen – and if you feel bogged down and too busy, you might want to try some slow living.

Image Credit: AntonioGuillem / iStock / Getty Images Plus