WEBE Wellness: The Ways Walking Helps Your Mental Health

Good looking young couple flirting and talking while walking together at a running track outdoors

WEBE Wellness: The Ways Walking Helps Your Mental Health

Now that we’ve got a stretch of a little less humid weather, take advantage! Taking daily walks helps you in numerous ways – burning calories, helping with heart health, improving your physical fitness and mobility. But there’s a lot of other ways you probably didn’t even realize a brisk walk can help you mentally:

You’ll gain a greater sense of self-efficacy – basically, it’s a confidence booster. And if you walk with a confident posture, it’ll help even more.

Walking improves your circulation, which also increases blood flow to the brain, and you’ll be able to reduce stress, anxiety, mental fatigue, and you’ll dwell less on negative thoughts.

If you have trouble sleeping, walking can help – but it’s actually better in that case to walk first thing in the morning and reset your biological clock.

Some of your best ideas come to you while walking – being mindful of ourselves and our surroundings while walking can be just as useful for our minds as close-eyed meditation – so you might even feel more creative afterwards!

So when you’re looking for a mood booster after a tough day at work, take a walk!

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