WEBE Wellness: Add 24 Years To Your Life

Shot of fitness woman eating a healthy poke bowl in the kitchen at home.

WEBE Wellness: Add 24 Years To Your Life

If someone said you could add a year to your life just for cutting out ice cream, you might say you weren’t interested. But would you be interested in adding two decades to your life?

A new study shows that there are eight habits that you should adopt by the age of 40, and you could live an additional 21 years for women, and 24 years for men.

The habits are straightforward – exercise, avoid excessive pain pills, don’t smoke, manage stress, eat mostly plants, avoid binge drinking, get enough sleep, and maintain good social relationships and friendships.

All make sense, and hopefully you’re doing most if not all. But if not, add them for a longer lifespan.

Image Credit: nensuria / iStock / Getty Images Plus