WEBE Wellness: Walking When Running

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WEBE Wellness: Walking When Running

If the heat wave kept you from you’re usual run outside, don’t worry if you must stop and walk occasionally. In fact, it’s good for you!

Whether your goal is to build distance or conserve energy for the long haul, plenty of runners take walk breaks. It lets you recover without having to lose time, especially if you’re involved in a 5K race and trying to break your previous time. Researchers have found that a combined run/walk strategy allows everyday runners achieve similar times, and with far less discomfort.

Walking comes in particularly handy when encountering hills. It takes less overall aerobic effort, and in some cases, can even be faster than running up them. Plus, a hill becomes a lot less daunting if you reframe it as your walking break.

But remember, if you end up walking overall more than you’re running, you may be able to go farther, but you won’t find your race times improving. Your best bet is to try an easier run.

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