WEBE Wellness: Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

Woman eating oatmeal porridge with banana, strawberries and nuts. Healthy breakfast at the sunny morning kitchen table

WEBE Wellness: Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

You know the adage – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But it’s not just a saying – a new study has revealed just how true it really is!

Adults who skip breakfast don’t simply miss out on a lot, but it’ll affect their choices for the rest of the day.

No matter what your breakfast may be – skipping it will make you miss out on necessary nutrients – like calcium from milk, vitamin C from fruit, and vitamin D and iron from various cereals.

The habit of regularly skipping breakfast could increase the risk of weight gain and other illness like diabetes or cardiovascular disease. And those who skipped the meal ended up eating bigger lunches or dinners, but still didn’t get all of the nutrients they needed that they missed out on.

And those who did eat breakfast generally chose healthier lunches and dinners too.

So the best dietary decision you can make for your entire day is to start it off right!

Image Credit: Arx0nt / iStock / Getty Images Plus