WEBE Wellness: When To Exercise For Better Sleep

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WEBE Wellness: When To Exercise For Better Sleep

If you want a healthier lifestyle, you need to exercise regularly, as well as plenty of rest and recovery. Sleep is a pillar of health, and we need enough so that we’re not irritable, groggy, and are able to exercise efficiently. And regular exercise is important so that we sleep better.

But when’s the best time to exercise to promote better sleep?

Researchers found that exercise completed with at least two hours before bedtime gives the most benefits, including falling asleep easier, and having a longer deep sleep.

For those in the study who exercised with less than two hours before going to bed, their sleep schedule was negatively impacted – it took longer to fall asleep, and they slept less.

Those who didn’t exercise regularly got the biggest benefit – after an exercise session, they fell asleep the fastest. And as for the type of exercise that led to the best sleep, cycling.

The study showed that everyone should listen to their own body – if they’re a morning person, evening exercise may keep them up, and night owls may not get the sleep benefit if they exercise early in the day. The trick is to keep things consistent, no matter what time of day, for the best rest.

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