WEBE Wellness: Live Longer With Art

woman writing or scribbling on a notepad that is resting on her legs

WEBE Wellness: Live Longer With Art

If you’d like to live longer, there’s now an easy way to do it. Just embrace your inner artist.

Neurologists at Johns Hopkins University and Google teamed up and discovered you can live 10 years longer if you spend 45 minutes a day doing some kind of art that you enjoy.

And art isn’t simply limited to something like painting – it can be anything from coloring to singing and dancing, or even knitting and writing poetry. It all counts!

When you really get into your own artworks, good or bad, the stress chemicals in your body drop quickly, which leads directly to longer and healthier life.

Just make sure you don’t necessarily immediately put it for sale on Etsy.

Image Credit: Christian Horz / iStock / Getty Images Plus