WEBE Wellness: Add Years To Your Life With Coffee

Closeup image of man and woman clinking white coffee mugs in cafe

WEBE Wellness: Add Years To Your Life With Coffee

You wake up and have coffee, you take a break in the middle of the day to go get coffee, you might even have some after a fancy dinner – and all of it could be adding YEARS to your life!

A new study shows that two to three cups of coffee a day lowers the risk of heart disease and dangerous heart rhythms.

The study shows it’s safe for people with cardiovascular disease because it has a positive or neutral effect. Any more than three cups isn’t bad for you either, but it won’t provide additional benefits. There’ smore than 100 nutritious plant chemicals in coffee beans, and they can help improve insulin sensitivity and metabolism.

However, this just goes for regular coffee – the moment you add sugar, flavors, and sweeteners, you’ll be negating the positive effects.

Image Credit: Farknot_Architect / iStock / Getty Images Plus