WEBE Wellness: The Perfect Nap Length

Beautiful woman taking break for short sleep in middle of day at home

WEBE Wellness: The Perfect Nap Length

Well we moved the clocks back on Sunday, but maybe you’re still feeling the effects – a nap might help, as long as you don’t sleep too long.

According to a specialist in behavorial sleep medicine, the perfect nap is 20 to 30 minutes – any longer, and you start to get into deep sleep, and that can actually lead to waking up feeling even more groggy.

That 20 to 30 minute nap gives you what you need – a boost in energy, it helps you focus, and even will improve your mood.

The trick is to set an alarm for 30 minutes – then you’ve got the 10 minutes to fall asleep, and you’ll be asleep for the 20 that you need. But don’t do it late in the day – you don’t want to do it less than 8 hours before your normal bedtime, otherwise you’ll mess with your regular sleep schedule.

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