WEBE Wellness: For A Longer Life, It’s Time To Get Moving!

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WEBE Wellness: For A Longer Life, It’s Time To Get Moving!

If you want to live longer, sitting behind a desk or behind the wheel all day isn’t helping – you need daily movement! And it doesn’t require an expensive gym membership – you can start simple and add more movement right into your everyday life!

Some tips to help get your moving:

Keep your shoes by the door – if you keep seeing those walking shoes, that constant reminder will help you to get up and get moving!

Make walking plans with friends – if you agree on a set date and time, your friend will expect you to keep that date; you wouldn’t just be ditching on the exercise, you’d be ditching on your friend – and you certainly don’t want to do that!

Take meetings on the road – instead of sitting in a Zoom meeting, dial in and take the meeting with you – it’s the perfect way to multitask!

Finally, find an activity you like – you might not like the idea of running a marathon, but you might like the idea of a nature walk – find what you want to do, and you’ll be more likely to continue doing it!

The bottom line is movement is the key to longevity – so it’s time to get moving!

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