WEBE Wellness: Tea Vs. Coffee

WEBE Wellness: Tea Vs. Coffee

You probably had coffee this morning. Maybe even a coffee break this afternoon. But you may want to switch to tea – it may even be the healthiest drink in the world!

First, it lowers blood pressure – it causes blood vessels to relax, which can keep your blood pressure in check.

Since tea comes from leaves, it has flavonoids to help you live longer – one cup has a third of what you need each day.

Tea helps with weight loss as it boosts metabolism and promotes healthy bacteria, which helps with weight loss.

It also lowers stroke risk – green tea helps best with this – and even protects your liver. Tea drinkers are found to have less scarring.

If you’re looking to make a healthy change – grab a cup of tea!

Image Credit: Nikolay Ponomarenko / iStock / Getty Images Plus