WEBE Wellness: The Halloween Candy Dentists Say To Avoid

WEBE Wellness: The Halloween Candy Dentists Say To Avoid

Just over a week to go until the big day and you already know you’re going to be raiding your kid’s Halloween candy and sneaking a few pieces – but here’s what dentists say to avoid, what candy causes the most havoc on our teeth:

#1 is gummies – because they take so long to chew, pieces get lodged in between your teeth.

Caramel candies, because they’re so sticky and take a long time to dissolve are the hardest to brush away at the end of the night.

Starburst are delicious, but because they’re tacky they can pull on fillings and crowns.

Because Lollipops are eaten slowly, the sugar is in contact with your teeth for a longer period.

And sour powder candies are very acidic, which can damage tooth enamel.

But there’s good news – dentists say the there are two treats that aren’t too bad – plain old chocolate dissolves quickly and can be brushed away easily, and caramel apples – the apples help clean the surfaces of your teeth.

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